Our mission and values

Our mission is to inspire children to grow up to have a positive impact on their world. We do this by using our creativity and skills to educate, inspire and support every child and family that comes under the rainbow.

Our shared values are:
  • Excellence: To ensure that our academies are centres of excellence, which focus on the nurturing and achievement of all its members.
  • Team Work and Respect: To promote a ‘never stand still approach’, promoting high-quality professional development and encouraging mutual support in the pursuit of effective teaching and outstanding student progress.
  • Individuality: To foster, maintain and celebrate the individual distinctiveness of our schools, encouraging innovation, not being negatively influenced by others, inspiring others and living life with more enjoyment.
  • Confidence: To adopt a ‘reach for the stars’ mindset for all our members and instil an inner belief that only the best is good enough.
  • Community: To ensure a shared ownership of the academy with everyone involved, welcoming all families and communities to have a voice that is listened to and respected.