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Success + Progress

All of our schools have a common focus on high quality teaching. Each school in the Trust continues to develop its own unique characteristics and ethos, maintaining a strong individual identity within the community it serves.

Our Values


Excellence is a commitment to one’s self and others. It creates a culture of the highest expectations and the desire to achieve one’s personal best. Excellence results in the effective empowerment of everyone, creating sustainable partnerships and the capacity to add greater value to everything that we do.


Endurance is the ability to stand firm in the face of adversity, showing patience and resilience in order to succeed.  It is the continual movement towards excellence.  Endurance requires honesty and integrity to overcome adversities and barriers through the building of trust, wisdom and friendships.  Staff will show self-control, be steadfast and supportive of others, maintain a growth mindset and have faith in the vision of both the school and Trust.  We seek the strength to endure through the love and support of those we work with.


Trust is essential in all relationships. Is the very essence of faith. It is a two way process that requires open and honest communication with compromise, building empowering relationships. Trust enables others lead and take risks to drive positive change.


Wisdom is the knowledge gained through experience.  It begins with genuine relationships with children, staff, parents and the wider school community.  Wisdom has to be sustainable through succession planning and the authentic buy in of all stakeholders.  Wisdom will empower parents, community and children to enable high aspirations to make informed life choices.


Friendship is an opportunity to love, be accepting of all, inclusive, honest and forgiving. Friends are not afraid to tell each other the truth. Friendship creates opportunities for barriers between people and institutions to be broken down for the common good.
Friendship is an opportunity to show love and be accepting of all. It requires us to be inclusive, honest and forgiving.

Our Values

We have ambitious aims for all of our schools, now and in the future.

Our formal school improvement structure means that we share human and physical resources to benefit all pupils, families and the wider communities who attend a school within the Trust.

While all of our schools will focus on high quality teaching, each will continue to develop their own unique characteristics and ethos, maintaining a strong, individual identity within their respective communities.

Each will have its own development plan, underpinned by a clear leadership structure and effective school-to-school support. We aim to close gaps in attainment so that schools within the trust are at least in line with national expectation within two years of joining.

We place a sharp focus on the teaching of basic literacy and numeracy skills within a rich curriculum, which enables children to understand why learning is important and what they need to do to achieve their full potential.